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【シングル】200819 だってだってだって (AAC-Web)

200819 だってだってだって (AAC-Web)
200819 NMB48 – Datte Datte Datte (23rd Single) (AAC-Web)


‘Datte Datte Datte’ is the 23rd single of NMB48. It was massively delayed, but eventually released on 2020-08-19 in five different versions; Type A+B+C+D (with DVDs) and Theater (CD only). This is the AAC web version with all songs from all physical versions, but without off-vocals.

01. だってだってだって / Datte Datte Datte
02. イケナイコト (白間美瑠) / Ikenai Koto (Shiroma Miru)
03. 涯 (Team N) / Hate (Team N)
04. 青春はブラスバンド (Team M) / Seishun wa Brass Band (Team M)
05. Be happy (Team BII)
06. 好きになってごめんなさい (LAPIS ARCH) / Suki ni Natte Gomennasai (LAPIS ARCH) [Yoshimotozaka46 cover]07. イミフ (村瀬紗英) / Imifu (Murase Sae)

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