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【シングル】200325 乃木坂46 – Shiawase no Hogoshoku (しあわせの保護色) (FLAC)

200325 乃木坂46 25th Single – Shiawase no Hogoshoku (しあわせの保護色) (FLAC-Web)


‘Shiawase no Hogoshoku’ is the 25th single of Nogizaka46 (and the last one for Shiraishi Mai) released on 2020-03-25 in five different versions; Type A-D (with Blu-Rays) and Regular (CD only). This is the FLAC web version with all songs from all physical versions, but without off-vocals (the quality is identical to CD, i.e. 44.1kHz/16bit). As usual, web versions were made available one week before the physical release.

01. しあわせの保護色 / Shiawase no Hogoshoku
02. サヨナラ Stay with me / Sayonara Stay with me
03. じゃあね。/ Jaa ne
04. アナスターシャ / Anastasia
05. 毎日がBrand new day / Mainichi ga Brand new day
06. I see…
07. ファンタスティック3色パン / Fantastic Sanshoku Pan

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