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【バラエティ番組】180805 ラスト平成夏休み!究極の自由研究発表SP.mp4

180805 ラスト平成夏休み!究極の自由研究発表SP
180805 Last Heisei Natsu Yasumi! Kyuukyoku no Jiyuukenkyuu Happyou SP

Because Emperor Akihito is expected to abdicate early next year, this is the last summer of the Heisei period. To celebrate, TBS has a temporary open market / amusement park around its Akasaka, Tokyo headquarters with various events. This special promotes the park with fun science experiments. SKE48 members Oba Mina, Suda Akari, and Takayanagi Akane are guests / assistant MCs and have multiple appearances throughout the whole show.

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