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【バラエティ番組】180817 STU48 – STUでんつ!#20.mp4

180817 STU48 – STUでんつ! ep20
180817 STUdentsu! ep20

STUでんつ! (stylized as STU↗でんつ!, read as すちゅーでんつ = students)

In this weekly variety show, STU48 members learn interesting things about 7 Setouchi prefectures. They usually answer a quiz question (but first decide in a physical challenge who will answer first), then cook some local food, answer another question based on a VTR shot on location, and end with someone’s monomane/monoboke.

Members in this episode: Takino Yumiko, Fukuda Akari, Ishida Chiho, Iwata Hina, Kai Kokoa, Nakamura Mai, Oki Yuuka

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