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【バラエティ番組】200321 BSフジ 東京クリエイティブサロン – 乃木坂46.mp4

200321 BSフジ 東京クリエイティブサロン – 乃木坂46
200321 BS Fuji Tokyo Creative Salon.mp4
Size: 384.32 MB | Duration: 00:24:00 | Video: 1280×720, Bit rate: 1997 Kbps, 29.970 fps | Audio: 223 Kbps, 44 Khz


This is a show about the Tokyo Creative Salon that is scheduled to be held from 2020-03-15 to 2020-03-31 at various locations around Tokyo.
Nogizaka46 are the official ambassadors of this event, with Akimoto Manatsu, Saito Asuka, Hori Miona, Yoda Yuki and Endo Sakura making an appearance in this episode.

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