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Asuka Yukihira (Alice Hirose) decides to watch over her boyfriend, Haruto Mizuno (Atsushi Maeda Go), who is unconscious and hospitalized. Haruto’s parents, Teruhiko (Kazuki Kitamura) and Chizuko (Naho Toda), and her younger sister Kanon (Seinagi Nakata) are also moved by Asuka’s strong feelings and agree to accept her. At that time, when Asuka was about to return home from her hospital, Kazuki Yoshibata (Keinaga Tsuna), who was her classmate from high school and was good friends with Haruto and others, was there. Thinking that she came to visit Haruto, she calls out to Kazuki, but for some reason he leaves. Asuka tells Riko Shimoda (Neru Nagahama) over the phone that she met Kazuki again, but she left. Riko says, “Haruto always acted strange when he talked about Kazuki.” Asuka wonders if something happened between them. A few days later, Kanon hands over her medical certificate that she received from her doctor, Yuri Ikezawa (Emi Wakui), to Asuka, who asks her to give it to someone from Haruto’s workplace who is coming to pick it up. Yuri watches with a smile as the two begin to build a relationship of trust. The next day, while Asuka is in the hospital room, Haruto’s colleague Kosuke Kijima (Takumi Kishu) comes to collect her medical certificate. Kijima, who has taken over the restaurant that Haruto was preparing, asks Asuka if she has any idea about the artwork that Haruto was very particular about…that he was planning to display on the walls of the store. Asuka recalls that Haruto told her, “You’ll definitely be moved when you see it, so please look forward to it,” but she hadn’t heard any details about the work. Asuka, who wants to make her girlfriend Haruto’s dreams come true, decides to look for the artwork that her girlfriend Haruto was obsessed with.
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