【Webstream】240513 366 Days ep06 (Neru Nagahama , Ayane Suzuki)

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Asuka Yukihira (Alice Hirose), along with Teruhiko (Ikki Kitamura), Chizuko (Naho Toda), and Kanon (Seinagi Nakata), discuss Haruto Mizuno (Atsushi Maeda) who has regained his memory with Yuri Ikezawa (Emi Wakui). receive an explanation. What Haruto remembered was up until junior high school, and he knew about her family and childhood friends, but he had no memories after that. She tells Yuri that she cannot say at this point whether she will regain her recent memories or not, and she advises her to gradually return Haruto to her normal life. First of all, she will temporarily start preparing for her return home.

Asuka teaches Haruto how to use her cell phone for a short trip home with Ogawa Tomoya (Bando Ryuta) and Shimoda Riko (Nagahama Neru) who came to visit her. Suddenly, Haruto apologized to Asuka, saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t remember.” Asuka replies that she doesn’t have to worry, but she can’t shake her anxiety. Meanwhile, on the way home, Tomoya learns that his girlfriend Riko has broken up with her lover. Tomoya encourages Riko, but he has been left out of the bench of the company’s baseball team.

Another day, Kazuki Yoshibata (Keinaga Tsuna) comes to the hospital room and exchanges LINE messages with Haruto. When Asuka arrives, Kazuki jokingly says that he can’t get in the way of the two of them and leaves. By mistake, her nurse, Sae Miyabe (Natsuko), came to drop off the medicine. Asuka tells Sae that her hobby is drawing illustrations and her girlfriend Haruto. Then, a cell phone rang somewhere. Kazuki had forgotten. Asuka realizes that her call display is Memi Satake (Riho Takada), whom she met at Kazuki’s office earlier, and answers the phone to ask him to tell her what she forgot. Then, Asuka’s girlfriend Memi asks her to do something…