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Asuka Yukihira (Alice Hirose) enjoyed the local fireworks festival with Haruto Mizuno (Go Atsushi Maeda), Tomoya Ogawa (Ryuta Bando), Riko Shimoda (Neru Nagahama), Kazuki Yoshihata (Keita Tsuna), and others. . Later, she returns to Tokyo and Asuka breaks up with her Haruto, who returns to her parents’ home. When Asuka returns to Tokyo, she is contacted by Kanon (Seinagi Nakata), who tells her that Haruto is not coming back. It seems that Haruto has lost his way. Asuka tries to return to Ibaraki to look for Haruto, but cannot get a taxi for her.

Meanwhile, Teruhiko (Kazuki Kitamura) and Chizuko (Naho Toda) went to look for Haruto by car, so Kanon was watching over her in Teru-chan. Then, Haruto comes back. By Haruto’s side was his girlfriend, Sae Miyabe (Natsuko). Kanon tells Asuka that Sae found Haruto. Asuka is relieved, but she has doubts about Sae being in their hometown. The next day, Asuka apologizes to her Haruto for leaving her alone, and she apologizes for making Haruto worry too.

Haruto’s medical examination day. While she waits for Haruto to be examined by Yuri Ikezawa (Emi Wakui), Asuka thanks Sae for what happened to her the other day. So Asuka asked why Sae was at the fireworks venue. Haruto and Kanon, who had finished examining her, arrived there. The two also thank Sae, and Asuka walks with Haruto on good terms. Sae sees Asuka and the others off. Asuka and Haruto are gradually regaining their former relationship. When Kanon saw her girlfriend Haruto, she looked at him warmly and said, “It seems like I’m falling in love all over again, Asuka-san.”