【Webstream】240527 Unmet The Diary of a Brain Surgeon EP07

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Miyabi (Hana Sugisaki) is able to remember bits and pieces of what happened the day before after taking more anti-epileptic drugs. Not only the patient but also the members of the medical department are overjoyed, but Sanpei (Tatsuya Wakaba) is the only one whose expression does not change.
Meanwhile, the group visits Takeshi Takami’s (Hantaro Koichi) izakaya and notices that the flavor of the food is stronger than usual. Tests revealed that he had a meningioma on his brain, which affected his sense of smell. There is a high chance that she will lose her sense of smell through the difficult surgery, which will eventually be fatal if she does not undergo surgery. As her chef, Takami is forced to make the ultimate choice…
Meanwhile, Miyabi notices that there are many mistakes in her memories. In the end she almost mixes up the patient she is treating. Sanpei suggests that he may be suffering from a memory error in which his memories change. Miyabi wants to be close to Takami even though she is troubled by a new wall…