【Webstream】240624 Unmet The Diary of a Brain Surgeon EP11

240624 Unmet The Diary of a Brain Surgeon EP11 (Noro Kayo, Erika Ikuta).mp4
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Miyabi (Sugisaki Hana) is struck by a severe headache and collapses. Tests show that she has relapsed, and if her symptoms continue to progress, she is likely to lose consciousness, and it is only a matter of time before her life is put in danger. Sanpei (Wakaba Ryuya) tells Miyabi, who can only remember a few hours, to leave the operation to him, but Miyabi is adamant and refuses to operate. Unable to give up, Sanpei devotes himself to practicing so that he can anastomose blood vessels smaller than 0.5 mm in the limited time he has. However, Tsubata (Kichise Michiko), who understands Miyabi’s feelings, tells him to "do what she wants," and he makes a decision.

Despite her severe memory disorder, Miyabi lives a bright and positive life and has been close to many patients. Miyabi is in danger of losing her life, and Sanpei tries to save her. What future awaits the two of them?